Be Who You Want To Be

Our ways of thinking are programmed into our sub conscious as means of self protection in one form or another.
Although this programming is installed by ourselves for this very reason, it is recurrently effectuated by outside influences which again is a
form of self protection, but this is exterior conditioning which can leave us not quite who we really are.

This can be generated by family, friends, schooling, work places,trauma, event, experience, bullying and many other situations which go on
to affect or disturb our mind set.

We sometimes develop traits we do not really want which can interfere with even our everyday activities and can hinder our very being and
this is because we can become accustomed whilst accepting this is just the way we are, but we know deep within that this is not so and long
Smoking and eating habits are often due to stress and anxiety, whilst phobias can place further barriers in our path, but can anything be
done to counteract and indeed alter our mind set?

Hypnotherapy can assist with many minor and major alterations we wish to set for ourselves with those goals, aims and ambitions we wish to
achieve or even to feel happier about life in general.

Here are just a few of the things where hypnotherapy may well be able to assist.

Smoking cessation
Weight loss
Gastric band
Alcohol abuse
Drug addiction
Exam nerves
Fear of flying
Panic attacks
Public speaking
Sports performance

Past Life Regression

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We experience hypnosis many times a day without even realising.
Watching TV, Driving, Daydreaming, Reading for example.
With hypnosis you are not asleep! You cannot be made to do something you would not ordinarily want to do!
However you are in a suggestive state to make changes you really wish! You are in control!