This is for those parents who feel it is spirit and not just their child's imagination.

I personally feel its good for children to have spirit around them as guardians and playmates which is often family past, but can be a
resident spirit who means no harm and either way it depends on whether the child is frightened or indeed not.

I must stress that all so called demons, entity of evil etc can just about be ruled out and leave this for the television and film industry.
I feel that all parents should be aware of the above and monitor their viewing of such media when children are about.

However it is sometimes that a child is frightened by the spirit around them which can interfere with their sleep, their awareness, their
going to bed, their confidence, their sociability and even their everyday playing lives which I feel can leave them quite traumatised and
sometimes withdrawn.

It is generally not the spirit being bad, awkward or indeed indifferent to the child's welfare.
It is often more the case that spirit are just unaware of the problems they can cause and they do not generally take much notice of our time
scales eg: our sleep times.

Age matters not, whether 6 months, 6 years or 16 years

However the younger they are the more prone or likelihood there is to be witnessing spirit around them.
Some children see this as normal, but others it frightens and this issue needs addressing.

I am only interested in those where there is an actual issue or problem in regards to children seeing or aware of spirit and must be a
parents decision to look at this option or if indeed they feel their child needs to see a psychologist or similar then thats what they must do.

I have a good track record in assisting in this particular area and require family to be present during my visit as I can only assist by a home
visit. I am in the Leeds, Wakefield west Yorkshire region so I can only usually assist with those within my catchment area, but will travel if
required to do so.

There are no mysterious rituals or performances and no discussions for the child to be made aware of.
References available

I guarantee to be able to assist or I will waiver my fee.

If you feel I may be able to assist you then please give me a call - Gray on 07947716706
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