So the question to ask is:-

How is the energy flow within your company?

Positive energy = harmony = attraction = business potential expansion

Whether business is thriving or not doing as well as it could be, business is business and needs to work towards maximising its potential
for survival during all periods of financial stability and instability.

So what does energy have to do with business?

Well seeing as everything on this planet has a vibration, animal, vegetable or mineral means it has an energy source and this means
everything. Therefore energy plays a very important role in business affairs because our surroundings affect the ambiance of those
working within and accordingly affect contentment, ability, enthusiasm and the persona of individuals whose sensitivity to energy may
well be distressed.
The very same applies to the energy flow between colleagues which can at times become tense due to many reasons I feel sure you have
all witnessed. This non blending will most certainly affect the individuals concerned and overspill onto others and into the physical
working areas and even the premises or building.

Who makes the best salespeople - Possibly those who can always sell themselves first.
Their aura, their energy which is the persona which others subconsciously perceive and tune into.
(working in their maximum capacity of attraction according to their positive energy and energy surroundings)

Which Hotels do best - Possibly those where people feel most comfortable within the environment
(which is created by the energy feel subconsciously of that environment when entering)

Which offices run best and most effective - Possibly those where the working space is best energised and with a flow of balanced energy
between employees

This is just to give a few examples.

Any imbalance of energy flow in any environment will have a profound consequence on its working effectiveness and thus success
an unbalanced or negative energy will also have profound consequence on those within that environment thus unable to achieve their
full working potential

Most homes feel brighter, warmer and more content when the energy is cleansed, balanced and revitalised
This works within the home so why not the corporate, business and work environment

Energy feeds on refreshment

Energy can become stale and sticky due to many reasons and sometimes strange explanations.

It could be a dormant or boredom environment, it could be residual energy left behind and could even be confrontation
(ego states) between individual employee's or employee groups.
It can also be residential spirit.
There are many, many interpretations and definitions.

People reside, socialise and work where they feel most comfortable, which is often without realisation or indeed justification because
this is mainly on a subconscious level.

Peoples work outputs are much better where they have mental comfort and feel at ease.

This comfort not only creates a good environment for themselves, but also gets the energy attraction from others
including potential and existing clientele even though this is on a subconscious plane.

I believe we have all experienced going into a place and feeling uncomfortable and this is the energy feel which our aura picks up as not
being in flow or blending.
We have all gone into a room where you sense the atmosphere can be cut with a knife as the saying goes.
This is all created by energy, either within the environment or indeed within the people there.
Why is it that two dogs can meet in a park and wag tails where others will want to fight.

The same reason applies that their energy is not in flow and therefore foreign to them.
People within the workspace can often feel threatened by another or others and I do not mean in the physical sense and can even be
position, salary, promotion or simply a none blending of energy.

Energy in free flow and blending is something which is subconsciously recognisable that makes us feel at ease and via this makes our
places of business somewhere happy for employees and clientele alike wanting to be.

Can energy be revitalised and uplifted

Absolutely, although different methods of cleansing are adopted depending on individual circumstances and requirements.
It may be a simple task of revitalisation of energy within the working environment or sometimes more in depth.

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